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Welcome to TeamOS/2 Online. This site's goal is to provide a one-stop source for OS/2 and TeamOS/2 information on the Internet.

This site is almost never changing, and probably will never be finished. If you have any problems using the site, or if you have a suggestion for a good link to add to the site, please let us know.

If you are a developer, retailer, or other professional involved with OS/2 and would like to display information on this site, please contact us at admin@teamos2.com.

Please feel free to browse around, and make comments. If you have a suggestion, please send mail to webmaster@teamos2.com. If you are looking for technical support, please visit the TeamOS/2 volunteer help desk, where you'll find answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Also note that this website is not maintained by IBM. This is a volunteer effort by the OS/2 community, for the OS/2 community.

- Quake/2

Because this is my 'team' of one person, I can push my old OS/2 project, QuakeWorld/2 to the front page. What is it? Well using the power of EMX, I was able to get a bare port of QuakeWorld to OS/2 2.0. YES 2.0, none of that Warp distraction crap. Maybe one day I'll host an OS/2 QuakeWorld server! I've been thinking of adding something like encryption to it for the hell of it. It'll be fun. But until then, enjoy some stock 320x200 Quake!
QuakeWorld for OS/2

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