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Team OS/2 is a worldwide user group. Around 1-5 OS/2 enthusiasts are members, volunteering their time and skill to promote the use and availability of OS/2.

Unlike a user group, TeamOS/2 has very little organization or structure. Groups of "teamers" communicate through electronic networks to organize demonstrations, promotions, and technical support seminars. TeamOS/2 works with IBM, vendors, user groups, and most importantly, the users of OS/2 whenever possible.

IBM does not own or run TeamOS/2. In fact, more than 90% of teamers are not IBM employees. IBM does have several "liasons" who work with TeamOS/2, providing teamers with demonstration materials and other supplies. One such person is Janet Gobeille, known to Canadian Teamers as "MOM". Janet helped to start TeamOS/2, and has been behind the team 100% ever since.

Being a member of TeamOS/2 is not like joining a "conventional" user group. There are no membership fees, no plastic ID cards, no clubhouse, and no secret handshake. As events come up, teamers come together to make their presence known. Beware - once the team gets rolling, nothing can stop it!

More importantly, there is no formal membership list for TeamOS/2. Many people are active participants before they even realize what TeamOS/2 is all about. If you've participated in an OS/2 demonstration, or promoted OS/2 to a retailer, or just driven your friends and colleagues crazy pushing the benefits of OS/2, you could already be a Teamer! /p>

A TeamOS/2 membership list does exist, although being listed on it is entirely optional. If you would like to be listed, please use our on-line registration form. Being on this list can help other teamers to find you when events in your area are coming up.

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