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OS/2 e-Zine! Site of the Week - July 17, 1996

The following companies or individuals currently have or are planning a Beta program for their OS/2 products.

Financial Software:

* Mount Baker Software - Money Tree

Games Software:

* MicroLearn Nordic Games
* Grinning Lizard Software - Bug Eyed Monster From Outer Space
* IBM Entertainment ToolKit
* Stardock's Entrepreneur - BETA 5 - November 25, 1996
* Stardock's Trials of Battle - BETA 3 - Soon to Be Released (December 1996)

IBM Products in Beta:

* IBM PSP Beta Products Page

Internet Tools:

* IBM Java and Hot Java Beta Registration Page
* Yarn/2 - Off Line News Reader Version 0.90
* in-Joy PPP Dialer V0.09
* Lotus InterNotes for OS/2
* Krazy Dog Software - NetBeamer Version 0.81 * Updated *
* Berkeley Internet Name Domain 4.9.3
* Internet Adventurer Version 0.95 * Updated *
* NewsBeat Internet News Reader V0.99b2 * Updated *
* Netscape Navigator For OS/2 Warp - Now available

Language Processors

* SpeedSoft - Sibyl Development Environment. But its only an Alpha for now.
* Black Pine Development - Rexx/VxRexx Editor
* TMT Pascal Lite for OS/2 Beta 2 V 0.39
* Tool Control Language (TCL) for OS/2 Warp Verion 7.5 Beta 2

Local Area Network Tools

* Client Server Networking, Inc. - Watchit Plus

Miscellaneous Software:

* OS2Day - Version 0.75a
* GNU File Utilities for OS/2 and Linux ext2 * Updated *
* SimplySaver Version 0.5 - A Simple Screen Saver
* WhO Version 0.01 - Text Mode Address Manager
* Marcus Better's - HFS/2 - A Macintosh Hierarchical Files System Driver
* Prominic Technologies, Inc - Warp Cloner Call for Beta Tester
* Stardock's Process Commander - BETA 2

MultiMedia Software:

* MainActor/2 - A Modular Animation Processor V0.65 * Updated *
* PmsndX Digital Audio Processor - Version 2.15
* TrueSpectra - An Object Oriented Image Processor- Version 0.28
* WarpTv - A Hauppauge Celebrity Adapter Video Display Program

Office Applications (Word Processing, SpreadSheet, Presentation Graphics, etc.)

* ClearLook Cellular Word Processor V1.7 (Beta)
* Abode Acrobat for OS/2
* StarOffice For OS/2 Beta V3.1
* Lotus Freelance Graphics 96 For OS/2
* Lotus WordPro 96 For OS/2

Workplace Shell Software:

* Development Technology - Deskman V2.0 Beta 21 * Updated *

And for something a little different! Check out the latest Highly Unofficial OS/2 Beta FAQ's by Kris Kwilas.
While not actually a beta program. It may result in the appearance of more Betas for OS/2. So surf on over to the OS/2 E-Mail Compaign Page presented by Greg Boyko.
Think a beta is missing? Well it could be, but check the recently completed Betas page to make sure that what was once a beta is not now a product.
Do you know of any OS/2 Beta programs not listed here? If so, just click the on the big envelope to and drop a note to the WebMaster of the OS/2 Beta Programs Site. (drowelf@teamos2.com)
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