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What's it all about?

This list grew out of me noticing an underlying trend in the OS/2 groups of:

. Is there an OS/2 version of .....

. I wish there was a program/utility/something to do .....

So I decided that a reference list of such requests and projects to satisfy them would be "A good idea".

Also there must be many potential authors out there who want to write something, but can't think of an application and don't want to re-invent the wheel. Not to say that some wheels aren't better than others :-)

Lets spread the word about how easy an OS/2 port is

I am indebted to Robert Morelli of the Department of Mathematics, University of Utah, for the following thoughts:

Have you considered compiling a short "To the Developers statement" with the petitions that would describe how (relatively) easy it is to port to OS/2 from Windows. Of course, it should be IBM's job to publicize this information, but I don't think we should assume that all Windows developers know about DAPIE, the similarity of the OS/2 and Windows APIs and architecture, the similarity of the multimedia systems (sharing many of the same file formats), the essentially free SMART tool, the quite impressive VAC++ compiler and the plans for versions on Windows (as well as other platforms) together with an MFC to OpenClass version of SMART, the advantages of OpenDoc, etc.

A related issue, which I think should be proclaimed from the mountaintops, is that Merlin will have speech recognition built in as an operating system service. I think the possibilities are mind boggling. There is hardly a program in existence that couldn't take advantage of this. I suggest you try to find someone who is knowledgeable about both Windows and OS/2 programming and who has a flair for effictive OS/2 advocacy (i.e. OS/2 propaganda).

What I intend is to bring the article to the attention of the developers at any company that is being petitioned. I've talked to some developers at some of the large Windows software companies and my impression is that most of them don't know how DAPIE and SMART work. Posting the article on PAWS is preaching to the choir, in terms of getting the message out. However, programmers and OS/2 propagandists may want to suggest changes to the document, so it might be useful to post it there.

Generally, my intention is to get the whole message out about porting to OS/2. First, there is a market of OS/2 users who want a port. This is the primary purpose of PAWS. Then some information about the (relative) technical ease of porting and dual development. Perhaps also some other propaganda, about OS/2's likely future success (without exaggerations and wishful thinking). Also, perhaps something about the business sense of it:

  1. The relative ease of advertising to OS/2: most users are connected and will read announcements in the newsgroups, there are very few OS/2 specific magazines, etc.
  2. Marketshare is easier to acquire under OS/2 than under Windows. If there are ten competitors under Windows, and only one under OS/2, your potential market is actually larger under OS/2. I believe that this is true for instance for FaxWorks.
    The OS/2 marketshare is much larger than the Windows marketshare, so the sales are about equal.
  3. ?

Again, this should all be IBM's job, but there's nothing wrong with some volunteer work on our part.

Well how about it - anyone out there like to take a crack at this? Please email me your efforts and we will see what we can come up with between us. Over to you.

Here is a thought from

I would like ALL OS/2 Shareware apps to include/use the IBM Install routine! It makes it SO easy, when you download a shareware app to try and just type install and get the Install program from OS/2. Neologic's stuff uses this ( one example off the top of my head ).. I know a bit about OS/2 but I still have LOTS to learn. Rather than having to read file after file and edit config.sys and add this and add that, just use the install, install it, give a message to reboot and poof.. An unitstaller is nice also!

So here is your one stop place to check what's coming, and what's wanted.

Things people want written & who wants it.

Things people are writing & who is writing it.

Things people want ported & who wants it.

Things people are porting & who is porting it.

People who want to help.

Please feel free to make direct contacts, but please keep me posted of progress so the list can be kept up to date.

Some of these requests are in direct response to my original post "Wishlists, Applications and Ports - a proposal", others I have skimmed from the OS/2 groups. I will continue to eyball the groups but, it would be a great help if you email me direct. Please put PAWS somewhere in the subject line.

Oh yes - A big thank you to TEAM OS/2 for giving PAWS a home on the web.

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