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Last update: 26th February, 1996

25th Feburary, 1996

15th Feburary, 1996

14th February, 1996

13th February, 1996

10th February, 1996

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7th February, 1996

No, the Warp Pharmacy isn't dead, just resting :-)!

Sorry for the long period between updates...I let the in-tray pile up a tad. It got so damn full I was afraid to touch it lest it collapse on me. Anyway, I'll try to clear the existing backlog over the next few weeks. The mirrors probably won't be updated until I have finished all the outstanding updates.

Thank you for your patience...


7th November, 1995

5th November, 1995

There are several more updates pending, but I ran out of time this weekend. I'll try to do them during the week.

19th September, 1995

7th August, 1995

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