The Warp Pharmacy

(The TeamOS/2 Online Mirror from 1996)

Most of this won't work, it's either all on or just lost to history.

Welcome to the Warp Pharmacy!

The Warp Pharmacy has been set up to distill the vast amount of knowledge that exists out there on the Internet about how to install and use Warp into valuable drops of wisdom that are easily digested by the Warp community at large.

The Warp Pharmacy is a part-time effort of its founder, its mirror site administrators and the many, many OS/2 users who have taken their time to contribute the odd tonic or two.

The Warp Pharmacy is starting to use HTML features such as tables so for best results be sure that you are using IBM Web Explorer Ver 1.03 or later.

To learn more about the Warp Pharmacy read the questions and answers page.

Happy Warping!

jon seymour
Founder Of The Warp Pharmacy

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A selection of tonics organised according to affected software component.
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"...we're still Iway skeptics, but that doesn't mean we can't recognize resources of genuine value. One such is the Warp Pharmacy, an all volunteer reference area for OS/2 Warp users...This is one useful page to visit -- keep the address ... handy!"

OS/2 Magazine - Editors' Choice Award - October 1995

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