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These links are some of the best sources for OS/2 information on the Internet.

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TeamOS/2 Online Local Pages

Greg Boyko's OS/2 Email Campaign Page.
Newsbeat/2, a new OS/2 Newsreader.

OS/2 General Information

OpenDoc Parts Ideas
Ports, Applications and WisheS
OS/2 Games Info
OS/2 Information Center by TEAM OS/2 Austria
ColoradOS/2 Software Developer's Page
IBM Europe's Technical Repository
The OS/2 Compatibility Table
The Warp Update
MIT OS/2 Web Page
The New OS/2: Update III
IBM's New OS/2 Warp Opens Worlds of Computing to Users
Raj's Urbana-Champaign Area OS/2 Home Page
MIT Software
Internet Relay Chat #OS/2 Home Page
The REXX Cookbook
The Best of OS/2 on the WorldWideWeb
List of Major OS/2 Applications & Versions
Rusty's Resources for the IAK
Lockjaw's OS/2 Resources
The OS/2 Chantry - Lots 'o links
The REXX Language Homepage
The Team OS/2 Help Desk Mailing List Web Site

OS/2 Magazines and Newsletters

OS/2 e-Zine!
EDM/2 Magazine
IBM BookManager BookServer Library
IBM Redbooks Home Page
OS/2 Warp Weekly
OS/2 Warp Monthly
IBM NetNews Magazine
OS/2 Warp Flash Magazine
OS/2 Developer Magazine
OS/2 Connect Magazine
Inside OS/2 - Magazine
IBM Personal Software Magazine
IBM Personal Systems Magazine
IBM Software Quarterly Magazine

OS/2 Online Software

Hobbes.nmsu.edu (via ftp)
Hobbes Virtual Mirror (via WWW))
LEO OS/2 archive (via WWW)
OS/2 WWW Server Overview (HTTPD)
IBM WebExplorer Info
IBM Europe Device Driver Repository
The OS/2 Internet Apps Page
The OS/2 Shareware BBS
AB Software
The OS/2 Must Have Software List
TEAMOS/2 Online ftp site

TeamOS/2 Online Affiliates

TEAMOS/2 Japan
TEAMOS2 Germany
TeamOS/2 Deutschland WWW
Team OS/2 - South Africa (Gauteng)
David Barnes' Bitmaps and Favorite Shareware
Victoria, BC - TEAMOS/2
OS/2 Northwest BBS Home Page

OS/2 User Groups

Toronto OS/2 User's Group
Kitchener-Waterloo OS/2 Corporate Users Group
OTTOS2 - The Ottawa OS/2 User's Group
University of Texas
Mid-Atlantic OS/2 User Group, Va Beach, VA
Capital PC User Group (CPCUG) Home Page
The Kawartha Computer Club
The Berkeley OS/2 Users' Group Home Page
OS/2 Information at Bishop's University
Pima Community College uses OS/2 Warp!
Minnesota OS/2 Warp User (MinnWarp)
Northwest Florida OS/2 Users Group
Burlington OS/2 Users Group (The BORG)

OS/2 Software Developers

OnCmd, makers of Xbase OnCmd for OS/2
Iceberg scripts for Gammatech IRC
Intercom Internet Telephone for OS/2
Microlearn Homepage (Microlearn Gamepack)
Hummingbird Communications (eXceed for OS/2 X server)
Transcendental Automation of Siberia
Carbon Based Software (Zipstream)
WATCHCAT program info
Watcom International Home Page
Lotus on the Web
Qad Software's Home Page
Mt. Baker Software
HockWare Home Page
InnoVal Home Page
DCF/2 by Proportional Software
PowerQuest's Homepage
Dr. Solomon AntiVirus for OS/2
MidWare Technologies of South Africa
Quercus Systems (REXX info)
AB Software

OS/2 Retailers and Distributors

House of Technology
Below Zero/2
J3 Computers
Indelible Blue, Inc. (USA) Home Page

OS/2 Consultants and Services

CFS Nevada, Inc.
Automated Training Systems (OS/2 Training)
The OS/2 Entertainment Development Council
G&A Home Page
IBM Canada Education & Training

Hardware Vendors and Manufacturers

U.S. Robotics
ATI Technologies Inc.
Adaptec Main Menu
BitWise Systems (EDRAM Motherboards)

OS/2 Newsgroups

Beta Software
Bug Reports
Mail and News software
OS/2 Marketplace
Networking, General
Networking, TCP/IP
Networking, WWW
Programmer, Miscellaneous
Programmer, Object Oriented Programming
Programmer, Porting
Programmer, Tools
Rexx Language
Setup, Miscellaneous
Setup, Storage
Setup, Video

General Interest for OS/2 Users

NOAA Severe Weather (WARPed) WebServer
The Emperors New Clothes...
Comics! Dilbert and Doctor Fun! Get a Life!
Jolt Cola: Twice the Caffeine
IBM Canada Homepage
Internet Video live from Niagara Falls! Great for WebEx demos!
World Wide Web FAQ
Yahoo's Database of OS/2 resources
Interactive Video Advising. A Community College uses Warp.

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