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This site has a total facelift ,with the exception of my gif! It's been revised to meet the needs and requests of OS/2 users.To provide a faster loading document, most of the graphics (just had to keep my gif here) and the animation have been removed. Links will be verified as time allows. If anyone knows of a WebBot that will verify links please contact me, this is a very time consuming project. If you find an invalid link, please feel free to e-mail me and the link will be updated or deleted accordingly. HTML was created using HTMLEd Editor. To insure compatibility, pages are viewed with OS/2 Web Explorer, Netscape and Lynx/2 (text base browser) and NetScape/2 beta 2.

Web Explorer
Latest Version WebExplorer 1.1g
obtain the WEBXV11G.txt file for install directions.

Netscape/2 beta 2 is now Available for Download
Instructions for getting Java support with Netscape/2 beta and Warp 3.0

,,^..^,,  Lynx Friendly Logo

NewNews & announcements including new & updated software
(things that just don't seem to fit anywhere else)
UpdatesCheck here for updates/revisions to my individual pages
Online laboratory that offers alpha programs for several platforms
David Barnes' Warped GalleryHome of the famous OS/2 Bitmaps - Lots of excellent OS/2 graphics all created by David Barnes. Such talent!
Every TCP/IP Application Known to ManExcellent site maintained by David Devaney
EWSIBM Employee Written Software. Some really good programs available
FTP SitesSoftware, device drivers, information sites
Game InformationGames, reviews, muds, kali/2, dos settings and more..
HTML InformationHTML editors, basic and advanced html info, icons, graphics, web servers and misc
IRCProtocol, clients, servers, daemon, scripts & #OS/2 Homepage
JAVAFaq's, development tools, IBM's Java Browser...
News Groups List of OS/2 related usenet news groups
Online News & MagazinesOS/2 and PC related magazines that can be accessed on the Internet
OS/2 Beta ProgramsEric Erickson's list of individuals and company's that are offering OS/2 beta programs
OS/2 Device Driver RepositoryThe MAIN site when looking for OS/2 drivers.
communication, cdrom, printer, pcmcia, storage, video, sound, storage, network, misc. and tools for unpacking files
OS/2 InformationMiscellaneous OS/2 information, numerous links
OS/2 Must Have Utilities and FTP SitesExtensive list of OS/2 applications with a short description of each, size of file, version and a screen shot.
OS/2 Warp HomepageIBM site with information on Merlin available
OS/2 Warp PharmacySick System?
The Warp Pharmacy is just what the Doctor ordered!
Remedies to many hardware and software problems.
Unusual symptoms?
Search the IBM Technical Support Database & the DejaNews Usenet archive
OS/2 Warp MerchandiseLee Keystone offers a variety of " Warped " items
OS/2 WWW HomepageMaintained by the MIT OS/2 Users Group
OS/2 related links, products, information, user groups and more
Priority Master IIGet your priorities straight!
32bit multithreaded PM application. Lets you assign any of OS/2's 128 priority levels to any OS/2 window or full screen. I've noticed a significant increase in opening a Windows session under Merlin, 3 seconds to be exact
(but who's counting)
Search EnginesCan't find what you're looking for?
Then put these search engines in gear and let them cruise the Information Super Highway
Special Needs SolutionsIBM offers several assistive devices and software tools for those with vision, hearing, speech, mobility, and attention/memory disabilities
Stupid OS/2 TricksThings you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask.
Tips and tricks for the workplace shell, command line, presentation manager, Win-OS/2 and Warp.
Team OS/2Lots of information about OS/2. Join us in promoting the availability and use of OS/2 or just stop by and see what's new in the OS/2 community
The Best of OS/2The Online OS/2 Resource and Software Shop
Check out the Newsfeed, a great place to find announcements!
The OS/2 WWW DirectoryRaj Singh has compiled an extensive list of FTP sites, IBM sites, WWW, sites, Gopher Holes, hardware sites, personal pages, info & tips, user groups and news groups.
Whew, what more could you ask for
Ultimate Sound PageMaintained by H. Henry Rieke IV
OS/2 sound drivers. Players for MODs, CDs, MIDIs and WAVs. Sound utilities, sound files, composers and links to other sound related sites.
Ultimedia Mail/2 ClientHaving problems setting up Ultimail Lite?
This is an excellent site for problems and solutions!!
Warp 4.0Code name Merlin
Information and resources
Warp DemoTry it, you'll like it!
Find out what us Warped people are raving about
Winsock HelpCan't get those Windows clients to work
in a Win-OS/2 session?
Well, you've come to the right place.
You can even browse the Internet with NetScape 3.0
if you choose not to use the Netscape/2 beta.

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